Jambalasse Entertainment
  • Every member is equipped with a “Jambalasse Survival Pack” filled with samples and branded promotional material with the kind compliments of our sponsors.
  • A pre-jump party on the night at our sponsor-branded private and secure location in the Port Authority Sports Club car park
  • Two (2) well stocked sponsor-branded bar trucks with 16 bartenders offering a wide choice of ONLY premium drinks including this year’s special VIBEZ Jell-O shots and our famous Mud shots.
  • A variety of sponsor-provided snacks including doubles along the way.
  • A FULL buffet breakfast featuring sponsors products at the end of the jump at a private location.
  • A private “wee-wee” trailer at the back of the band.
  • The band is roped and secured by the professional security team from SAFE security company along with two plain clothes Police Officers.
  • Secure parking offered to members at the start point and also at the finish point. Shuttles to the start point are provided for those who opt to park at the finish.
  • Medical personnel within the band should their services be required. There is also an emergency response plan in place to allow passage of any emergency vehicle through the band.