A small music truck, a truck with some drinks, 120 friends and family, some blue body paint that wouldn’t come off for weeks and UNLIMITED VIBEZ  That’s how Jambalasse started in 2001! Today, after 15 successful productions, Jambalasse Entertainment has grown into a production with well over 500+ revellers on the road, two music trucks, two drinks trucks carrying a total of 16 bartenders, a wee-wee trailer, a storage truck, every possible colour of body paint one can imagine (and it washes off easily!), mud and the same fantastic Jambalasse Vibe as we had in 2001!

We are without a doubt the best organized and the only 100% PREMIUM AUTHENTIC Foreday Morning band on the road! Evidence of our popularity and success has been highlighted in several ways over the last 15 years some of which include being chosen to host various local and International film crews including BET Jazz.

Our POSITIVE VIBEZ and significant contribution to the National festival have also been recognised and appreciated in several ways including being asked by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) to be part of focus group sessions centered around enhancing the Foreday Morning event at the national level. In addition, the Barbadian magazine Dazzle also recognised our contribution and did a feature on our band leader showcasing her vision and approach to ensure that Jambalasse Entertainment offers  nothing short of PURE VIBEZ by Staying True to Foreday.

Popularity and success aside we firmly believe that we should always reinvest in our society by helping those most in need of assistance and who are oftentimes forgotten. We also believe in assisting in any way we can with various advocacy campaigns which would serve the greater good for us all. In this regard, over the last 15 years we have partnered with various organisations and charities including the National  HIV/AIDS Commission, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados, Silver Dollars for Children, the Barbados Cancer Society, the Cancer Support Services and the Barbados Alzheimers association to name a few.

The Jambalasse Vibez are UNLIMITED, POSITIVE, PURE, COOL and EASY and we welcome you to partner with us in 2018 as we present: