Jambalasse Entertainment Coca Cola Revolution of Colour 2014

2013 in Review

Established in 2001, Jambalasse Entertainment can proudly boast of having produced 13 successful bands! It is with an equally deep sense of pride that we enter our 14th year on the road knowing that we have significantly contributed to the growth of our largest National Cultural Festival.

Consistently catering to well over 500 members year after year, Jambalasse is arguably one of the best organized foreday morning bands on the road offering members a 100% PREMIUM and AUTHENTIC j'ouvert experience. Evidence of our popularity and success has been highlighted over the last several years as we have hosted various local and International media crews including BET Jazz. Being chosen by BET Jazz still remains one of the highest points in the history of Jambalasse!

In 2014 our faithful members will create a Revolution of Colour on the road! They will spend that sleepless night dancing through the streets of Bridgetown waiting to greet the sunrise of a new day - The new day which signals the beginning of the last lap of Crop-Over celebrations for yet another year!

Revolution of Colour